Term’s of Service

SAMURAI BUYER uses a transfer service which allows an individual or a company to purchase products from a third party vendor and have the merchandise delivered to your destination or household. The following are our company’s Term’s Of Service.

By purchasing a product from our store, you are entering into a contractual agreement with our company. This agreement, is one in which you have admitted to reading the Terms of Service in its entirety and agree with every word. If a problem were to arise, the lawsuit would be held in either Tokyo District Court or Fukuoka District Court, Japan.


Members are prohibited from allowing other individuals or companies access to their accounts. It is also impossible to have your account transferred over to someone else’s name. This membership account is not worth any monetary value, and therefore, it is both illegal and impossible to sell it on to a third party vendor. Engaging in such activities, for whatever reason it might be, will be a violation of this “Terms of Service”.

About payment

Our company provides three separate services for purchasing and bidding Japanese merchandise.

Proxy Shopping and Auction Service

  • If the Item Price is under 5000 yen, Service Fee: 500 yen.
  • If the Item Price is over 5000 yen, Service Fee:9% of the Item Price.

Transfer Service

  • Service Fee:500yen

These processes require the fee to be paid once per transaction. In other words, the fee will be added to your purchase once, regardless of how many items you decide to purchase at a single time.
SAMURAI BUYER will also charge the price of the product, Japan’s delivery cost, and International delivery fees. Other charges, such as tariffs and insurance are managed on a case by case account, so, if you would like more information about the subject, then please contact our customer service.


The SAMURAI BUYER will perform an inspection of the third party vendor’s products, after they have arrived at SAMURAI BUYER. This inspection is simple, and merely intended to correct common mistakes, before sending the product overseas. We will not open the product, compare with online photos, or guarantee whether or not the product is a counterfeit.
In the event that SAMURAI BUYER is questioned by the police, we have the right and authority to surrender any items in question. If we are in possession of items that we believe to be breaking the law or in violation of either the Law for Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds or other similar legislations, we will notify the police. We are not responsible for any liabilities or damages that make take place during such an event. Please look into such matter thoroughly before purchasing from this website.

About Storage of Goods

Our company does not have warehouses that stock mass quantities of merchandise. . Our storage time limitation is one month.
The company is entitled to dispose of these products, without notification, after the storage limitation date has passed. We are not responsible for the destruction or disposal of your products during this process.

Exemption Clause

This is a disclaimer that will be applied to all products which are purchased under Service Fee.
Your country may try to apply tax fees.
The company is not physically involved in all customs clearances.
Please contact the authorities directly for any discrepancies that may arise during the time of a customs clearance. For questions pertaining to unexpected tax fees that may arise, please do the same.
The company is not liable for any losses or faults that may occur from a customer breaching this contract.
The following exemption needs to be noted. During a shipment, which occurs between Samurai Buyer and a third party, certain guidelines will be followed. We, ourselves, are in a contractual agreement with the third party vendor.
When Samurai Buyer works in cooperation with its foreign customers, these same guidelines, securities, and logistics will be applied.

The following is a list of events that SAMURAI BUYER are not responsible for:

  • In the event that the goods ordered are illegal at their destination country.
  • In the event that ordered goods at our shop are fake
  • In the event that a foreign party confiscates your product upon transit
  • In the event that prohibition of imports or exports at customs causes complications
  • In the event that merchandise is damaged during transit (though, if the delivery company is responsible, the company and customer will receive compensation).
  • In the event that information listed on the website was not 100% accurate, or the goods were illegally copied.
  • In the event that documents or permission for government officials is needed for shipping or accepting a package.
  • In the event that fraud has taken place amongst the members of the third party vendor.

Products excluded from our service

SAMURAI BUYER wishes to have no affiliation with products listed below. If you have purchased one of the products, we will simply return your money and decline to continue the purchasing process.

  • Items whose transport, export, and import are prohibited or restricted in accordance with the law in the importing or exporting country, state or local government (including intermediate countries).
  • Irregular items and pirated items. This also includes non-copyrighted material.
  • Child pornography, adult material, or other products along the same lines.


Please contact the store before attempting to return the product by yourself. In the case that the shop (Third Party Vendor) or Seller sent you the wrong package (Transfer Service), the company (SAMURAI BUYER) is not liable. In the case of Proxy Shopping Service and Auction Service, if sufficient reason is available, we will consider returns. Please contact the store for more information.


We will send the refund back to your bank account via PayPal. If a product was out of stock, or we have decided to cancel the transaction for a number or countless reasons, we will return the money to you as quickly as possible. During this time, we apologize if the product was unavailable. Please accept the return through PayPal and help us to resolve the situation in a timely manner.

Settlement by PayPal

This Term’s of Service works in direct conjunction with that of PayPal. Please view PayPal’s website or contact their customer service for more information upon the subject.

Copyright on this Website

All information on this website belongs to our company – SAMURAI BUYER. Please contact us if you would like to reproduce or copy for advertisement purposes.

Privacy Policy

Cancellation of your Membership

This is available on you “My Page”.

Prohibited Conduct, Suspension of Account for Violating Our Company’s Rules.

The company is entitled to suspend any member who has engaged in any of the following activities:

  • Misrepresentation or Infringement of the Term’s of Service
  • Infringement upon either the company or third party’s rights.
  • Impersonating a third party in order to gain an advantage
  • In the event that a product was ordered but never paid for
  • Injustice of conduct against the site’s rules
  • Intentionally making a nuisance on one’s self
  • Engaging in any other conduct which the company sees as unfit or improper, or adversely affecting basic human rights.

Whether out of negligence or intentional action, if Samurai Buyer receives damages because of a member’s actions, we are legally allowed to request compensation for such losses and damage.

Disclosure of Personal Information

If the company is confronted by government officials, the police, or personal attorney, we will share your information in accordance with the privacy requirements of that country. Under any other circumstance, we view your personal information as private, and intend to keep it that way.

This Term of Service can and will regularly be updated in the future. We will alter and abolish all parts that no long contain relevance to our company.

Chat receptionist Japan time 10:00 to 19:00 becoming (excluding weekends and holidays). Please contact us by e-mail for current Japan time