What is Proxy Shopping Service

Easy to buy from two major Japanese shopping sites Amazon Japan and Rakuten!
Moreover, we cooperate with the biggest item searching site called "itempost", where you find Japanese exclusive items!

Rakuten is the second biggest shopping site after Amazon in Japan where Japanese purchase most of the products from because it has a variety of products.
itempost...The biggest item search site in Japan.
You find the exclusive rare Japanese items from 20000 shops which are not in Amazon and Rakuten.

Most of the shops in Japan do not ship internationally so making it harder for foreigners to purchase directly.
Therefore, SAMURAI BUYER buys and ships for you.

How it works

Step 1. If you find the item that you would like to buy

Click the 「Order Proxy Shopping Service」button then add to shopping cart.

Step 2. Order Proxy Shopping Service online form

After the items have been added into your cart, please proceed with the payment.
The first payment will be the price of product + temporary deposit for the domestic shipping fee + proxy shopping service fee. (Domestic shipping fee will be adjusted with the international shipping fee.)

If the Item Price is under 5000 yen, Service Fee:500 yen
If the Item Price is over 5000 yen, Service Fee:9% of the Item Price

Step 3. About Payment

Customers need to make payments twice.

First payment:

First you will need to pay the price of product + temporary deposit for the domestic shipping fee + proxy shopping service fee. Then the product will be sent to SAMURAI BUYER warehouse. (Domestic shipping fee will be adjusted with the international shipping fee).

Second payment:

After the product reaches our ware house, inspection and the weight of package will be checked. If required the auction settlement fee will be charged. The international shipping fee will be invoiced to customer after all the needed inspections are done.

※Import duties may be imposed to your purchase (please contact us if you have any questions concerning this subject).

What is the Inspection?

Inspection is very important to us. Therefore, in order to make this process as pain free and as simple for our customers as possible, we take the time to carefully inspect and verify that all products received by our company are correct and adequate. We are able to inspect the product from a hands off view only. In other words, an inspection of color, shape, and quality, etc. are available, but there are some things our company is unable to offer at this time.

  • Opening the goods
  • Validation of electronic devices.
  • Confirming all parts needed for assembly are available.
  • Checking tags, and the sewing quality of clothing. Most of these are packaged and shipped in a seal we would have to break in order to examine the product.
  • Whether or not additional accessories are present.
  • Comparing it with competitor’s photos or other various photos from the internet.

We only confirm what we offer from this store.
We are not qualified to declare whether the product is legitimate or not.
Returns are accepted as long as the reason is one that our company views as acceptable. These would include the spoiling of food products, those damaged in transit, or those lost in transit. Also, in the case of returned goods by the customer’s inconvenience because of the shipping fee charges that must be paid. (For more information concerning this subject please contact our customer service)

Step 4. International Shipping

Once the payment has been cleared and accepted, we will start the processing of shipping the product to your address as timely as possible. Below is a link to check your tracking.

Track your goods

We will send the tracking number to you via email.
If you are required to pay a tariff fee on your purchase, you would do so at the following website.

Step 5

Patiently wait as the product makes its way from Japan to America. Once the product has arrived, if you have any question or concerns, feel free to contact our customer support.

Chat receptionist Japan time 10:00 to 19:00 becoming (excluding weekends and holidays). Please contact us by e-mail for current Japan time