Youkai Watch is the most famous cartoon in Japan nowadays

Youkai (Monster) is a mythical creature that appears frequently in this world and all of the unexplained phenomena in the world are caused by Youkai.

The most popular cartoon in Japan called Youkai Watch!!

Youkai watch is the cartoon that widely well known in Japan as a famous exercise called Youkai Taiso.

Youkai watch

Main Character



Jibanyan is a burnt-orange and white cat with a piece of ear missing from the left side. He has big black eyes and a dull nose and inner-ear. Attached to his collar is a sky blue bell, matching the fire at the end of each tail. 
Gossip: The yellow stomach band that Jibanyan wears is a tire mark when he was run over by track.



Whisper is the self-appointed ghostly butler to Keita after Keita frees him from the Gashapon. He helps Keita understand the Yo-Kai World and its interactions with the human world. Whisper appears to be very knowledgable about the Yo-Kai, but he in fact uses a tablet computer called the Yokai Pad to read Yo-Kai UkiUkipedia which has all of the information he states.



Little boy who stays at SAKURA new town and has got Youkai watch by meeting Wisper coincidently.


Youkai watch

Youkai watch is a tool for communication between us ghosts and humans As long as your have that, no ghost will be able to hide from you. You can see those Youkai with an objects called the Youkai Watch. To insert Youkai medal the youkai shows up and go on fight.

Youkai medal

Youkai medal can be obtained when you have friend contract with Youkai or Youkai passes away.

This popularity brings about a social phenomenon and will superior to Pokémon

The great things of Youkai Watch

1, Movie

Youkai watch movie has exceeded 1.6 billion yen at the box office in two days which has been ranked successive first place in the Japanese movie after 2000.

2, A very long queue for Toy

This is a queue at TOYSRUS in Japan for getting limited edition of Youkai watch toy!!
Some of them were on line the night before for their kids.

3,Collaboration with McDonald's

Youkai watch has been collaborated with Macdonald and calendar with happy set meal has been sold about 1.5 million that has exceeded the Pokémon calendar!!! Surprisingly, they are currently applying for the Guinness records as the biggest selling for calendar in one year!!

They will be developed to a foreign market!

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