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We have both adult and unique watches that are hard to purchase even in Japan.
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By watches manufacture, recommended rare watches.

There are well known one in the world and also the one made by an expert.
We introduce the recommended 7 companies here!



CASIO is the most well-known company when it comes to Calculator Company but is also famous for watches as it is good in durability, quality and also reasonable price.
Many of foreigners buys them as a souvenir.

【Quantity Limited】CASIO Watch G-SHOCK Black×Gold Series GA-110GB-1AJF

High durability and Gold color are cool!

The color of Black×Gold go together well!
While having a strong impact, design does not feel vulgar glitz has attracted support.
They have functions of digital watch calendar timer, world clock, alarm and stopwatch

【Quantity Limited】Casio Watch G-SHOCK 30th anniversary MEDICOM TOY collaboration modelDW-5600MT-1JR

The most popular items「BE@RBRICK」simple design.

G-SHOCK Limited released to commemorate the 30th anniversary!
Brand that collaborate is 「MEDICOM TOY」who transmit Japanese culture.
「BE@RBRICK」that they have enthusiasm fans all over the world places on the belt and back cover which gives pop impression.
The arrangement of colors black and white are simple but is fashionable.

CASIO EDIFICE the collaboration of Red bull and racing Limited edition Bluetooth SMART friendly model solar watch EQB-500RBK-1AJR

Usability and durability! Functional watch!

From the latest performance and dynamic design is fused EDIFICE Infiniti Red Bull Racing Limited Edition appeared!
Safari grasses are used and ease impact and scratches
Vibration structure and hard sapphire glass scratch makes resisting a shock.
You can easily check the time of 2 cities on the spot which is good for travelers.
Smartphone is connected with setting of time so that alarm and world clock can easily be set.
As for the stopwatch, 1/1000 seconds of rap time can be recorded!!

CASIO OCEANUS limited edition GPS hybrid radio wave solar radio clockG1000DB-1AJF【CASIO OCEANUS 2015 new model】

Not only highly efficient but also elegant item

Driven by Casio own solar charging system, the ability to modify the correct time by the position measurement and radio waves of GPS,
The GPS hybrid solar radio is equipped
It emits a beautiful shine, which is one of the sporty and elegant.

Casio Watch Baby-G Big case series 【Quantity Limited】 BA-111-4AJF

Lame Pink Gold gorgeous×casual Superb balance!

Do you want to get both Kawaii and cool??
This is suitable for these greedy girl!
Metal paint shining and sparkling is directing the texture of a notch.
Unique hue is popular!
Side button is easy to press and the utility is good!



The worldwide company that keeps developing watch mechanism.
Solar radio clock(Eco Live)is popular.
High class in cost performance with high quality and low cost domestic manufacturer!

CITIZEN Watch ATTESA【2,000 Limited】 Eco-live radio clock【LIGHT in BLACK】AT8044-64E

Only 2000 units available!

This eco-live model equipped gather support from all over the world.
「LIGHT in BLACK」the latest technology has been packed.
Masterpiece one!

CITIZEN Watch ATTESA【Limited model】

It is equipped World multi-station reception world time function called 「Direct Flight」.

You can adjust to world clock only with two steps
Give comfort which is thinner and lighter than it looks!
Not too flashy colors and design makes good atmosphere.
Because of 110 atm waterproof, it is good for person who has opportunity to get wet.

CITIZEN Watch CITIZEN × TOYOTA 86 Eco-Drive【Limited quatity】 JW0100-51E

Collaboration with TOYOTA and CITIZEN! Looks mechanical!

FR sports car of TOYATA representing Japan images「TOYOTA 86」!
As for the dial, TOYOTA86images design panel which can measure chronograph with time lasting one second.
Fearless and sporty makes good impression.

CITIZEN xC 【Only 2200 available and attached with limited box】 Simple adjust is equipped MINISOL series Eco-Drive Radio Eco-Drive ES8130-53W

Smallish face is delicate. It is only sell 2200 quantity in Japan.

This is to adapt wrist of women and small watch makes more attractive.
5 diamonds shines on the dial and better combination with city of nigh which is excited design.

CITIZEN Watch wicca Solar Tech radio HAPPY DIARY 【Only 2200 quantity available in Japan】 KL0-162-10

Pink×White Cute♪ Adorable item!

Dial a glowing character design that shines in glittery radial
Satin fabric that looks like party dress is kind of stylish.
Solar Tech function is equipped so that no need of changing a battery.



Quality is the world's top!
High-performance quartz function and the world level of accuracy of a mechanical watch SEIKO can only make Spring Drive and Kinetic.
There is a clock of the species diversity of movement as well.
Each performance has been praised around the world and trusted brand since 1881.

SPIRIT SMART Watch SEIKO×SOTTSASS Collaboration model quartz Waterproof for everyday life SCEB025

Sophisticated POP design is high degree of attention! Collaboration model reprint of the design world masters.

This watch is the collaboration of the representative of Italy 「Ettore Sottsass」
This is a reprint of a popular model that has gained the publication in the 1990s.
Highly original POP design and color ring emits a presence!
Limited 1000 pieces of rare items you can choose from five color ring.

SEIKO Astron Second generation 2014 resort limited model GPS solar SBXB019 SEIKO ASTRON watch Chronograph all black×pink gold

This is made by theme of “Resort Nigh” which only sells 2000 units.

GPS solar is equipped and time is accurate anywhere anytime.
Pink gold is placed at inside of black so that elegant and luxury design.


Emission of new color that shines in the darkness!

Design the image of a trend epicenter of Japan "Shibuya".
It is not so stiffly but also unique expression.

SEIKO WATCH BRIGHTZ azabu tailor collaboration modelSDGM008

Bitter shine elegant charm. Extra belts are attached.

Collaboration with azabu tailor which has a high profile company.
Only 500 quantity available!
Simple and beauty so that easily fits with suit

SEIKO LUKIA Haruka Ayase Kottorip modelSSQV012

For lady who loves travellin! Collaboration with Kottorip

Collaboration with Lukia to cheer the girls workers and 「Kottorip」
Dial that shining like illumination and imagination of bird flying away!
Easy to use and show World clock mode.

Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko

Highest peak of practical Clock「Grand Seiko」which has started selling in 1960.
They are fascinated by the people all over the world because of their quality and is better than The Swiss luxury watch.

SEIKO SBGV009 Grand Seiko [Quartz watch] Historical collection GS self-date limited model (reprint)

Classical reprint model!

This watch has reprinted made from GS self-data that has been sold since 1964
And a practical function such as a date display function and waterproof which is a design to show the dignity of as luxury watches.

GRAND SEIKO 10th anniversary model SBGA111

Only 1500 units available!

It is without battery but high quality 10th anniversary model of the 9R1 Spring Drive watch.
Lion that symbol of Seiko has been hidden.



GSX is a Japanese watch brand was founded in 1995.
Domestic movement・domestic material・domestic production・Domestic assembly・domestic design and They continue to release the collection on the theme of thorough "Made in Japan".
There is also high demand for recognition from overseas but most of model is only sold in Japan.
It is sold out most of time and hard to get!

GSX Thunderbird collaboration GSK217TBD/SMART no.54 limited only 200 and production has been ended.

Vivid pink eye-catching” Thunderbird”Model!

Collaboration model of a popular program Thunderbird that TV broadcasting has been started in England in 1965.
Dial of pink image of Penelope and Back pig has been designed the wheel of FAB1.

GRANDEUR Ladies Dual Time Watch cowhide belt press limited Croc tone type GSX048W9

Used by Cabin Attendant that dual time is a secret of popularity

Two regions of the time is possible to confirm at the same time "Dual time display"!
Including the CA which is very popular from women who likes to travel.
Glossy shell pearl dial emits elegant luster and produce
Pearl dial elegantly shines so that makes you more adult women.
Crocodile style and thin band. They have limited 3 colors

GSX INDIANA JONES/ Unisex / [Collaboration model Adventure made in Japan SMART style]

Staring the world of Indiana Jones!Only 150set available.

To reproduce the scenes and motifs of Indiana Jones in the five watches
Motifs of each designs are
・One of the treasure that Indy has been looking, golden statue Chachapoya-idol
・Design that Indy is escaping from gigantic stone with holding golden statue
・Design that Indy travels many places
・Trademark of Indy 「Hat」and 「Whips」
・Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker is a trademark of Weatherly Japan which is sleep cycle measurement watch!
Ring the alarm is aiming at the moment of awakening!
Catch the moment that is happening comfortable, depending on the individual's sleep cycle.
Catch a best timing for awakening

Weatherly Japan  Sleep Tracker pro black(Japanese limited color)

Watch that advanced technology! You can woke up easily!

Sleepyhead must try!
Sleep cycle watch supports your good awakening.
Appearance is simple enough so that you can use for business purpose.



You never ever forget when you see it once! Company that keeps selling watches that huge impact!
They have unique lineup with ability of novelty, art and design that never seen before so that keeps selling out in Japan.

SEAHOPE Leiji Matsumoto 55th anniversary Leiji meter watch silver RMSV

Matsumoto Leiji World fully open!Special metal wristwatch

999 quantity available!
This is a collaboration model for 66th anniversary of author of Space Battleship Yamato 「Leiji Matsumoto」.
The body is used to the turbine of the aircraft and rockets, special material called「Alloy」and LED shines when you switch on.



KENTEX is a company that produce Mechanical watch of a complex mechanism"Tourbillion" for the first time in Japan.
People all over the world impressed their function and cost performance.
Japanese brand that has technical capabilities to world-class
Moreover, the reputation has been growing among Europe!

KENTEX Skyman Pilot automatic watch S688X-08 limited edition

Only 188quantity!

Case, band and case bag are all black color.
Index and dial is outstanding design.
Simple and sharp gives you sophisticated impression.

Kentex/Skyman / Automatic/watch /S688X-03 Blown/ [genuine product]

Highly practical full-scale professional!

It is worthy of high visibility design to pilot watch.
Large numbers and needle each on the watch are super phosphorescent is applied、Practicality is outstanding and also Professional specs.
Made with an emphasis on operability to a fine point only 188 units available.

Kentex watch Marin Man Seahorse S706M-08  black MOP [genuine product]

Fit in the arm! Luxury watch!

A beautiful deep green ceramic bezel.
Show a variety of facial expressions by an angle of lights.
As thin as 12.8mm even 200m high pressure waterproof
Completely seek for usability.

Have you found your best watch in your dairy life?
Go for quality, design impacts …………!?

Please make quick decision since watches that introduce here are less stocks.

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