Feature article of Japanese Rice Cooker

Although more and more Japanese east bread instead of,RICE itself is high in demand for Japanese household.
Japanese ancestry has been trying to develop how can Good rice be made and this brings about innovation of producing rice cooker.
Please make a consideration to purchase your best of best rice cooker here.

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※1Go=150gram of raw polished rice


SHARP Rice Cooker 5.5 Go (1L) type KS-S10E-S

This is the cheapest one in this list but can beat the quality against other rice cooker
「2mm Black thick iron pot」and in the transmitted heat to the core of the rice, with spherical bottom "sphere Cook".
They attached with health conscious and one push quick button that is quite functional.
This has a good cost-performance.

Zojirushi Micon Rice cooker 3Go bronze black NL-BS05-XB

The two point of features are 「5mm Black thick iron pot」and high power of 495W「High heat boil」
You can enjoy various types of unpolished rice and also bread.

TIGER IH Rice cooker and warmer tacook (3Go) Black JKU-A550-K

It is said in Japan the rice that cooked by an earthenware pot is quite tasty.
This rice cooker make it possible by coating material into it that used inside and outside of earthenware.
Moreover,「Special function」makes boiled evenly to a grain of rice.

HITACHI Pressure steam IH Rice cokker 5.5Go Red RZ-SG10J-R RZ-SG10J-R

This is used「Black thick Tetsukama」that pressure and high steam makes rice sweet and better also quick.
Furthermore,「Double Steam Sensor 」keeps steam to the minimum 「polished rice・congee」「unpolished rice・congee」.

Toshiba Vacuum IH(5.5Go)Red TOSHIBA RC-10VRH-R

「Forging furnace dougama」and 「High heating power cooking」makes it possible for High heating and heat convection when cook rice.
Moreover, the function of vacuum pumps is making a novice and even old rice better.

Zojirushi Pressure IH Rice cooker 3Go NP-RJ05-TA

By taking an advantage of great point of pressure rice cooker and also adjusting the time of pressure and just a pressure, three types of variation of menu can be picked such as rice seasoned with vinegar and what is called freshen rice.


TIGER earthenware pot.IH 5.5Go Black JKN-R100-K

This is a real earthenware pot one that Japanese craftsman took long time to bake for three times so that highly recommended for family who would like to eat luxury and healthy rice in their life time.

HITACHI IH Rice cooker 2.0Go RZ-VS2M N

The feature of this product is that main body and container part will be separated so that fresh rice can be brought to a table. It is only small quantity 2Go that can be made once time but is compact and good for an unmarried person and couple.

HITACHI IH Rice cooker vacuum insulation Pressure & Steam 5.5Go champagne RZ-VW1000M N

This product provides pressure, steam and vacuum insulation and also generate steam under pressure.
The technology to keep a high temperature so that is high in quality and can beat any other brand.
Another best point is that can be simply maintained and the guarantee is as long as 6 years while other brands are only 3 years.

MITSUBISHI IH Rice 5.5Go Ruby Red MITUBISHI less steam NJ-XS104J-R

Firmly heating confine the heat is called 「heat sealed furnace structure」which is most expensive one but stylish design and also has a good cost-performance within 50000yen item list.


Zojirushi Pressure IH Rice cooker 5.5 Go Brown NP-WB10-TZ

High heating efficiency stainless is used for this rice cooker which is easier to conduct heat than previous model.
Maintaining a high firepower in order to make softer rice.
This is absolutely premium product!

HITACHI Pressure&Steam Evacuated heat sealing HITACHI IH Rice cooker RZ-W1000K-R

To increase cook firmly steaming with pressure and high temperature steam makes rice sweeter and maintain 100 degree for about 25 min until it is cooked.
Energy is efficient so that electric bill can be cheaper

Panasonic IH Pressure 5.5Go Black Panasonic SR-SPA105-K

The feature of Panasonic rice cooker 「Dancing boil」will be double power and makes rice sweeter and softer.
This is because of strong bubble make rice dance inside.
As for the food texture, 「220 degree IH steam 」and 「W dancing boil」can be selected at the button.

TIGER THE Earthenware pot Rice cooker Black Premium JPX-A100-W

Newly innovated structure called reducing; nosing makes efficient heating.
Tiger original cooking stove made by soil has been increasing in size to conduct heat more.
Furthermore,「variable pressure」tells high heating to a grain of rice so that rice becomes tasty enough.
It is an extremely high ability against price.

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