Convenient Traditional Japanese item Folding fan article

Folding fan is an essential item for Japanese lifestyle which can stand the heat with variety of color, style and material.
Let’s use it for your daily life and is suitable with Japanese traditional clothes!

Perfect for modern times! The reason of popularity of folding fan

No matter, men and women of all ages, many of Japanese love to use. Nowadays, more and more youth people uses it. Why the number of youth people getting increase? The reason is……

Compact Cool at anywhere eco

Why don’t you begin your new life with this amazing Japanese folding fan?
Let me introduce the recommended folding fan then!

History of 1200 years Japanese tradition【Kyo sensu】

Kyo sensu

What is Kyo sensu?

Kyo sensu is the folding fan which has made with 88 types of process of making and produces within Japan.
The craftsman puts efforts to complete it.
That is one of the tradional industry of Kyoto and a union member of Kyoto folding fan calls 「Kyo sensu」which has around 1200 years history.

Pursue beauty by protecting tradition【hakuchikudo】

Established in 1718 which has about 300years of history.
Folding fan that is made by traditional skills has a presence and get to fit to your life as you use longer.
It is smooth when you open and close.

300 years of establishment, the traditional beauty and dignity + playfulness【Yamani】

An old sore which has established in 1713.
They inspect products one by one so that the quality of folding fan is surely good and has been provided 「Wa」which has good combination with modern life style.
Flexible and can be put into pocket folding fan many of things are practical use.

Folding fan handwriting picture by a painteran artist【Miyawaki Baisen-an】

Miyawaki Baisen-an has established in 1823 which produces various folding fan such as formal folding fan made of hinoki cypress and formal folding fan made of hinoki cypress that they have deep connection with Kyoto and representative of Japanese artists.
They have been selling almost all products by their own manufacturing and has got a good evaluation all over the world.

Stylish and cute ♡ Original form is popular amongst woman【Shell type】

Slightly smallish and rotundity shell’s style shape has been popular.
Color and style are unique that makes you confuse which one to go.
There are flashy one and also a fine pattern that feels tradition of Japan.

Folding fan scallop shells shaped kobana15th

Folding fan Ogiku Ladie’s Summer fan Bag set

【Kyosensu Yamani】Ladie’s Cloth fan KOMON

To see shell shaped products

Speaking of folding fan【Regular assortment+Funny folding fan

With famous brand Collaboration folding fan

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portable Compact type

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Suitable for modern fashion

To see more

To say folding fan, it would be Japan's national flag of Rising Sun! feast、cheering!!

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Bubble economy era gorgeous folding fan flashes back 80th.It will be matchless if you dance with it!?

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Standard model! Shining folding fan makes it beautiful

To see more

You feel like a millionaire! Makes your dreams come true on the spot!!

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It is necessary for an exam! And also good for giving a pep talk on diet♪

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This is what we called Japan traditional art!【Japanese style】

Japanese picture and an ukiyoe has been popular all over the world which has great impacts on many people with their unique drawing and structure.

To see ukiyoe folding fan

Rimpa is written by Ogata Korin whom Japanese painter which begins from Fujinraijin picture written by Sotatsu Tawaraya.
There is an unique root that the method of inheritance called 「adore somebody」which is very rare method all over the world.

To see Rimpa folding fan

Japanese painting which comes from China has spread into various schools and categories and further progress to originality of Japan.

To see Japanese paint of fooling fan

I want bring it all the time because I love it♪【Character folding fan】

It is cute on folding fan♡Hello Kitty

To see Hello Kitty folding fan

Everyone loves it♪Totoro・Kiki's Delivery Service・Spirited Away……Studio Ghibli character

To see Ghibli folding fan

Likely to occur howling gale by one fan!? DragonBall

To see DragonBall folding fan

The most famous cartoon Onepiece is on the folding fan Onepiece

To see Onepiece folding fan





Let’s make one of the original folding fan in the world【Plain folding fan】

You can freely customize and make an original folding fan♪
Writing a picture, painting a color and so on……
That can also be a present and for personal uses!

Have you found your favorite one?
Let’s use it as a way of makes you cool.

【Intensive explanation】Whatis the folding fan?

Folding fan is a things that use your hands to move air.
It can be folded when you are not using and can be opened when you use it.
It is also an essential things for various Japanese occasion not only make cool.
Moreover, the shape of this mean to be 「widen toward the end(※)」which uses for a bringer of good luck in Japan.

※Widen toward the end is the phrase that gradually open from the end and getting bigger which has been taught to be “bringer of good luck”

The history of folding fan is back to Heian era (794~1192) when people bundle thin and long branch which was used for writing something on a memo.

The early Muromachi era (1338~1573) when folding fan was used by only a nobleman but was used gradually for ordinary people.
Afterword, most of the ordinary people uses as their daily commodity.
Folding fan that origin of Japan deliver to India and also Europe.

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