Japanese diaper have been in constant in demand.

To bring out your child’s beautiful smile, here’s a special introduction.

How do you go about selecting the perfect diapers?

Here are three important points to keep in mind when purchasing diapers.

① Rashness

If a baby’s bottom becomes sore; it becomes quite difficult for him or her to sleep at night.

② Leaks

You want to avoid these! Replacing clothes and bed materials is a pain.

③ Material

It is important to use a soft material that will protect the child’s skin

Here are three major brands of diapers. It would not be an exaggeration to say that these three brands have paved the way for disposable diapers worldwide!

First up are Pampers!

Pampers, sold in over 90 countries around the world, is a company that produces elite diapers for babies and infants.
Even in Japan, this brand has become quite popular. Due to its high level of functionality and ability to be applied and taken off easily, it has become the number one used brand of diapers in hospitals!

<Reason for being so famous.>

Its ability to retain liquids, absorb more than other brands, and the comfort these diapers provide puts it way beyond its competitors. Mothers can now relax, and sleep soundly at night!
Many babies fall in love with these diapers from the moment they first put them on.

<Here are some of the more popular packages Pampers sells.>


Product Name:Pampers Tape Pants
Specs:Tape Type, Pants Type
Size:Infant size, small size, medium size, large size, and over large are all available.
Features:An amazing absorption time, that lasts over 12 hours, allows the infant to sleep soundly until the morning. With the amazing ability to be stretched up to two times its original size, these diapers are worry free.!Even using a belt (while dressing the toddler) causes no irritation or soreness.

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Product Name: Pampers First Time Diapers for Young Skin
Specs :Tape Type
Size:Newborn, small size, medium size, and large size are available.
Features :360 of Breathability! As soft as cotton, these diapers are equipped with a layer to battle the acidity of urine and capture all liquids. Absorption time of up to 10 hours!

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Up next is “Merries”!

This product is a Japanese manufactured (KAO), delicately made, brand of diapers.
When analyzed, it is extremely apparent that these diapers are both reliable and durable. Amongst critics, specifically concerning the development of recent diapers, this brand is ranked very high!
The diaper’s level of comfort, and soft feeling, help customers find ease throughout a stress full period.

<Reasons for being so famous>

These diapers are equipped with a technology that makes it apparent when the child has urinated. Extremely comfortable, they are very easy for an infant to wear.

<Here are some of the more popular products that Merries sells>


Product Name:Merries Air Through
Spec :Tape Type
Size:Infant size, small size, medium size, and large size are all available.
Features:An absolutely, extraordinarily feeling! The diapers fit very comfortably and securely around the child’s waist, providing both a sense of security and a sense of joy at the same time. Not to worry! These diapers also aware the parent when the child has urinated.

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Product Name:Merries Air Through Diaper Pants
Specs :Pants Type
Size:Medium size, large size, and Extra Large size are all available.
Features:Up to three times the room to breathe and feel comfortable! These diaper pants are not tight around the waste, yet they never fall down! Extremely soft! These diapers have recently become quite popular in Japan. They aware the parent when the child has urinated.

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Lastly! Moony Diapers!

Moony doesn’t just make diapers for infants; they’ve applied their technology to create diaper pants for larger waists too! The first company to sell diaper pants worldwide!

<Reasons for being so popular>

The cost performance is fantastic, making it an affordable and reliable product for Japanese households.
The feel and soft comfort that these diapers provide is sure to appease any infant!

<Here are some of the more popular products that Moony sells>


Product Name:Moony Air Fit
Specs :Tape Type
Size:Newborn size, small size, medium size, and large size are all available.
Features :The first of its kind! This diaper ingeniously forms itself to the structure of your infant’s body to prevent any leakage from happening! Easy on the skin, providing a comfortable and easy wear.

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Product Name:Moony Man Air Fit
Specs :Pants Type
Size:small size、baby crawler size, medium size, big size, extra-large size, super-size, and water fun size are all available!
Features :The material used to make these diapers can absorb up to twelve hours long! The baby crawler size comes equipped with a waste that can stretch up to two times its original length.
The water fun size is fully equipped to allow your child fun galore without any accidents or leakage involved. Enhanced diapers that provide ultimate comfort for the child and an amazing sense of relief for the parents!

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That’s not all! There are various other brands in Japan. For example…

「MamyPoko」、「Goon」、「Napia GENKI!」etc, etc、To say the least, there are countless brands, with endless types of diapers out there!!!

So how was this introduction into the world of diapers?
For your baby’s size, growth, comfort, etc, etc, it is extremely important that you chose the right brand and right type for every occasion!

One at a time, to every child around the world, let’s give them the diaper they deserve!!

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