Recommended Japanese Ballpoint feature article

Recommended Japanese Ballpoint feature article

Not only the writability is a smooth and durable but……!!
Let us introduce the best ballpoint that being selected.
By selecting them as both quality and name of brand can be good.
There are rare and original option of them has picked.
We wish you could find your favorites one.

You are hooked when you use them!? World-class Japanese ballpoint.

Japanese brand is the best! And can be said to ballpoint industry.
Writability and durability which is made to be particular about the details!
Here we introduce reasonable one that can be used daily life and surprisingly higher price.
It would be really reasonable to bulk buying a refill for a ballpoint pen as for the daily uses one!
You will be succeed once you met comfortable one.

A store of long standing! Japanese luxury ballpoint【ROMEO】

ROMEO is created in Taisho period (1912-1926 CE) stationer Itoya writing material brand 「ROMEO」
In 2004 when 100th anniversary of the selling, 「NO.2」that reprint model of 「NO.1」 Has started selling.
Eventually,「NO.3 ball point」 has released as model that suitable for modern business setting.
NO.3 is designed based on a fountain pen which is easy to grip and less tired even use for long time.

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Wa Japanese culture”Ultrahigh grade”Ball point【SAILOR】

SAIROL is an old store of writing material that has established since Meiji era.
They are the first pioneer of a fountain pen, ball point and calligraphy pen in Japan which was nominated as an award at 「3th Manufacturing expo」and the quality has been recognized worldwide.
The collaboration ball point of「Koransha」 and 「Genemon」which has around 400 years in history has delicacy and color usage that took 2 years to make it.
Moreover,the series of 「Graceelegance gold lacquer」is brilliant.
Gold and silver leaf are all hand made.
Would you like to possess the Japanese ball point that can be felt Japanese traditional beauty?

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Tremendously popular all over the world starting with France! Erasable ballpoint pen【PILOT】

The series of PILOT frixion ball point pen is a big hit that was released in France earlier than Japan!
It is an innovative product that has started selling in 2007 which can erase a letter written with original rubber attached on back.
Surprisingly, more than 900000000 has been sold until 2014.
Children in Europe uses it instead of just an ordinary pencil so that demand of PILOT ball pen is more that Japan.
Good reputation of the feel or performance of a pen after the special feature of「Erasable」!

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Easy to write NO.1 in Japan! 【ZEBRA】

The series of ZEBRA sarasaa clip is popular with writability and brightly-colored!
It is beautiful that color of illustration and notebook shines.
Everyone recognized them as top sales.
It is very attractive because they have variety of colors and also price is only 100yen each.
Please feel this amazing one!! You will be addicted…

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Black ink is a deep dark! Majority of people likes it【MITSUBISHI Pencil】

MITSUBISHI pencil jet stream has a good reputation because dark line can be write.
You will be addicted once you use it!
There is also benefit that dry quickly and no ink backward flow.
Especially, 4in1 series 4 color ball point (black,red,blue,gree) + mechanical pencil!
It is reassuring if you have one.
Moreover, it is simple and smart design so that you are able to use it with a business setting.

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Best seller at Amazon Japan! Sell well【PENTEL】

Ball point VICUNA series is featured less shine and dark black.
This multifunction ball point is the best seller at Amazon Japan.
”Smooth writing performance”is the highest reputation within Japan.
「The lowest viscosity in the world which apply for new development ink」and less bleeding! Many lovers.
It is marked that less scratchy at the beginning of writing.

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Extraordinary ball point! Multicolor Ball point pen &Multifunction pen

It is very convenient to carry multicolor & multifunction ball point pen. It can be attractive if use different color for memo or schedule note. It is effective that putting a color on the remarkable point so that can be easily seen the thing that you do not want to forget. You need pen case to carry a lots of pens but no need if it is just a one! Multicolor ball point pen & Multifunction pen has been improved of usability. Please select your favorite one.

What is this !? Unique Ball point pen

There are ball point pen which has extraordinary functions attached!
Let us introduce quite convenient and marvelous item and quite funny pen.
You go for funny one or practicability or be healed…………!?
Which one do you prefer?

【8 color】0.7mm ZEBRA/Oil base ball point SL-F1mini 0.7(BA55)pocket book size

Pocket book size telescopic mini ball point! Small but good for writing♪

It is an elastic so that good for pocket book!
Cute mini ball point.
You can stretch your favorite length.
Usability is good if you make it small when you carry and make it big when you write.
This is ZEBRA product so that good quality and writability.
Please pick up the color out of eight colors!
navy・ black・ grey ・white ・pink ・light blue ・mint green

ELAICE Fun pen type R

Your personal cool space appears! Cool fan function!

Writing something with fan ……gives you cool wind♪
Do not judge that is not cool with this small wing!
However, it is good. Seriously.
Material of wing is soft so that no need to worry about wound.
Would you like to have small and cool space for yourself?

Shake pen shock goods shake ball point.

【Do not misuse】 Electronic shocks when you knock! Mischief goods

Electronic shocks when you knock!
Good for prank and punishment.
Good for shaking off sleepiness……
Why don’t you try with your great idea?
Please do not let person who has a weak heart, child, and pregnant woman use.

Ball point  BOTANICAL PEN MOSS BALL Cute pen stylish stationery

Big ”Moss ball”♪

Big Moss ball which can be released your tiredness.
Pine is used on penholder which has creativity such as bending and angular.
Moss ball which has various faces, Please put it on your desk♪

You can reach your hand to itchy area! Flexible rod for scratching the back

Looks so smart rid that scratch your back! Can use for any situations!

I am sorry! But this is not a ball point……
Let us introduce to you because it looks like ball point somehow.
It exactly a ball point if you put it on your pocket.
That would be a chance if you are asked as 「May I borrow your pen」
Let people surprised!
It is convenient that can scratch the back♪

chupa chups x ZEBRA collaboration model sweet smell color ball point Sakura

Sweet smell of chupa chups ! Makes you sweet, Sweet ball point♪

Smooth writing and colorful one!
This is a collaboration between ZEBRA「 sarasa 」and chupa chups which has smell and different color has different flavor please enjoy it♪

Have you found your favorite one?
For a present, yourself, trying, surprise people around.
Get the ball point that you need now!

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