Here is the usage guide for order of transfer and proxy shopping service.

SAMURAI BUYER uses a Transfer Service that allows goods to be delivered from Online Japanese Shops to foreign addresses. We ask that you carefully read over the following User’s Guide before using our website’s services.

The three services our company offers.

Proxy Shopping Service

Proxy Shopping Service See more detailed description

Membership Registration

1. Create Your Very Own Account.

Take a few minutes to fill out the information needed and create an account on our website. After the account has been created, we will send you a confirmation email.

2. Changing Your Account Information.

Visit “My Page” and change any information that you would like.

3. Resetting or Changing Your Password.

Reset Your Password

Enter you registered email. We will then send you an email allowing you to reset your current password.

Change Your Password

Enter your registered email. We will then send you an email allowing you to alter or change your password.

4. Canceling Your Membership

If the time should ever come, that you would like to cancel your membership with our company, please visit “My Page” to proceed with this process.
※If you are in a current transaction with us, cancelation is impossible. First complete the transaction, or contact our customer support for more information upon this subject.

My Page

Here, you will be able to “Modify Your Personal Information”, “Modify Your Registration”, and “Check the Current Status of Purchased Products” (tracking numbers, order history, etc.)

Usage Fees, etc. (A Step by Step Guide)

Proxy Shopping Service

1. The Price of the Commodity (Includes in Country Japanese Mail Expenses)
2. International Delivery Fee
3. Service Fee for Proxy Shopping Service
If the Item Price is under 5000 yen, Service Fee: 500 yen.
If the Item Price is over 5000 yen, Service Fee:9% of the Item Price.

Here, and example purchase will be displayed. This will break down the costs, one by one, to hopefully help you better understand.

1. Commodity (included domestic shipping fee within Japan) 5,000 yen
2. International Delivery Fee (1,200 yen) This is roughly equivalent to 10 American Dollars.
3. Service Fee is 500 yen.
Total=6,700yen (Less than 70 American Dollars)

※Consumption tax(8%) will be added to service fees
※Impose duties may be imposed upon your purchase (for more information upon this subject, please contact our customer service).

Transfer Service

1. International Delivery Fee
2. Service Fee for transferring at once

Here, and example purchase will be displayed. This will break down the costs, one by one, to hopefully help you better understand.

1. International Delivery Fee (1,200yen)
2. Service Fee (500 yen)

※Consumption tax(8%) will be added to service fees
※Impose duties may be imposed upon your purchase (for more information upon this subject, please contact our customer service).

Returns and Cancelations

All returns to the store will require the customer’s cooperation and responsibility. We, SAMURAI BUYER, will do our absolute best to accommodate, but we cannot be held responsible any third party vendor’s mistakes. You will have to contact them directly to have any such dispute resolved.

As for the Proxy Shopping Service, if sufficient reason for return can be explained, we will allow it. When returning a product to us, the customer is fully responsible for paying return shipping, and any other suspected or unsuspected fees that may arise.


SAMURAI BUYER sends all packages via EMS (Express Mail Service)

Package Conditions

Package Conditions

Weight:Under 30kg
Length Conditions: Under 1.5m in length.
Total Dimensions: Length + girth must be under 3.0m

Delivery fee on EMS

ZoneFirst ZoneSecond ZoneThird Zone
Weight Asia Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East Europe South America and Africa
Up to 300g900yen1,200yen1,500yen1,700yen
Up to 500g1,100yen1,500yen1,800yen2,100yen
Up to 600g1,240yen1,680yen2,000yen2,440yen
Up to 700g1,380yen1,860yen2,200yen2,780yen
Up to 800g1,520yen2,040yen2,400yen3,120yen
Up to 900g1,660yen2,220yen2,600yen3,460yen
Up to 1.0kg1,800yen2,400yen2,800yen3,800yen
Up to 1.25kg2,100yen2,800yen3,250yen4,600yen
Up to 1.5kg2,400yen3,200yen3,700yen5,400yen
Up to 1.75kg2,700yen3,600yen4,150yen6,200yen
Up to 2.0kg3,000yen4,000yen4,600yen7,000yen
Up to 2.5kg3,500yen4,700yen5,400yen8,500yen
Up to 3.0kg4,000yen5,400yen6,200yen10,000yen
Up to 3.5kg4,500yen6,100yen7,000yen11,500yen
Up to 4.0kg5,000yen6,800yen7,800yen13,000yen
Up to 4.5kg5,500yen7,500yen8,600yen14,500yen
Up to 5.0kg6,000yen8,200yen9,400yen16,000yen
Up to 5.5kg6,500yen8,900yen10,200yen17,500yen
Up to 6.0kg7,000yen9,600yen11,000yen19,000yen
Up to 7.0kg7,800yen10,700yen12,300yen21,100yen
Up to 8.0kg8,600yen11,800yen13,600yen23,200yen
Up to 9.0kg9,400yen12,900yen14,900yen25,300yen
Up to 10.0kg10,200yen14,000yen16,200yen27,400yen
Up to 11.0kg11,000yen15,100yen17,500yen29,500yen
Up to 12.0kg11,800yen16,200yen18,800yen31,600yen
Up to 13.0kg12,600yen17,300yen20,100yen33,700yen
Up to 14.0kg13,400yen18,400yen21,400yen35,800yen
Up to 15.0kg14,200yen19,500yen22,700yen37,900yen
Up to 16.0kg15,000yen20,600yen24,000yen40,000yen
Up to 17.0kg15,800yen21,700yen25,300yen42,100yen
Up to 18.0kg16,600yen22,800yen26,600yen44,200yen
Up to 19.0kg17,400yen23,900yen27,900yen46,300yen
Up to 20.0kg18,200yen25,000yen29,200yen48,400yen
Up to 21.0kg19,000yen26,100yen30,500yen50,500yen
Up to 22.0kg19,800yen27,200yen31,800yen52,600yen
Up to 23.0kg20,600yen28,300yen33,100yen54,700yen
Up to 24.0kg21,400yen29,400yen34,400yen56,800yen
Up to 25.0kg22,200yen30,500yen35,700yen58,900yen
Up to 26.0kg23,000yen31,600yen37,000yen61,000yen
Up to 27.0kg23,800yen32,700yen38,300yen63,100yen
Up to 28.0kg24,600yen33,800yen39,600yen65,200yen
Up to 29.0kg25,400yen34,900yen40,900yen67,300yen
Up to 30.0kg26,200yen36,000yen42,200yen69,400yen

Prohibited Merchandise

Prohibited goods for each countries

Items listed below are prohibited and will not be shipped by SAMURAI BUYER

Explosive Fireworks Firecrakers Ammunition 
Gases  Spry-Can, Replenishing Gas for Lighter,
Flammable Liquids  Paint, Lighter Fuel, Zippo Lighter, Perfume, Nail Polish, Thinner, Alcohol.
Flammable Substances Matches, Lighters, Charcoal 
Oxidizing Substances Bleach, Hyperoxidizer, Small Oxygen Generator for personal use.
Toxic and Infectious Substances Agricultural Chemical, Insecticide, Chloroform, Thermally Volatile Insecticide 
Radioactive material Plutonium, Radium, Uranium, Cesium, Radiation-Contaminated Waste
Corrosives  Batteries, Wet Batteries, Mercury 
Miscellaneous goods  Obscene Articles, Living Animals, Livestock Feed, Plants, Raw Materials,  Drugs, Drug Paraphanelia, Magnet, Engine for Copter of the radio control, Asbestos, Dry ice, Jewel, Diamond (include an uncut stone, an artefact), A gold noteAiplan Ticket, Ticket(for a concert etc), Counterfeit Coins, Stamps, Revenue Stamp issued by local government, Document, National Treasures Important Culture Property Art Treasures, Copied Disk, Product with an undeterminable origin, Lottery, Air Gun, Metal Fake Sword, Pharmaceutical Production containes with blood

Please check with JP Post for prohibited good other than that above. Express Mail Service (EMS) - Japan Post

Prohibited goods for each countries

Please check with websites below for more detailed information

Chat receptionist Japan time 10:00 to 19:00 becoming (excluding weekends and holidays). Please contact us by e-mail for current Japan time