What is the SAMURAI BUYER?

SAMURAI BUYER offers various Japanese items and forwards them to your country!

Our goal is to allow people all around the world who may not be living in Japan, to be able to enjoy the wonderful culture and merchandise that we have to offer? Let us make this possible! With our help, you are well on your way to purchasing those long desired Japanese products.

The three services our company offers

Proxy Shopping Service

Easy to buy from the two major Japanese shopping sites Amazon Japan and Rakuten!

Moreover, we cooperate with the largest item searching site "itempost", you will find Japanese exclusve items from more than 20,000 shops!

Auction Service

You can place a bid at Yahoo Auction which is the largest auctioning site in Japan.
You will find brand new, limited edition and second hand items!

It is hard for foreign customers to place a bid because the most of sellers on Auction do not ship internationally.
Therefore, SAMURAI BUYER helps you to place a bid and ship it to your destination.

Transfer Service

SAMURAI BUYER transfers your product to your country at other Japanese online shopping site where do not ship internationally.Please enter our address with ID starts from SA○○ when you shop by your self.(outside of our mall) !

If you wish to buy the products from Amazon Japan or Rakuten, SAMURAI BUYER can proxy however if you wish to buy from different Japanese shopping site which does not offer international shipping services, Please proceed with our Transfer service. !!

SAMURAI BUYER has ability to buy and ship your products on Japanese online shopping sites. Please click 「Request now」if you wish to buy your product and transfer to our warehouse at other Japanese online shopping site.


There are several hurdles described below if you want to purchase Japanese products from overseas.

Our website allows the buyer an easy experience of purchasing because we support English and other languages.

Gone are the days in which you struggled to understand what to do when purchasing from abroad!

We have international delivery and shipping.

Very simply, we allow access for our customers whereas our competitors don't, so please take advantage of this great offer!

We do inspect the products to ensure that they are not damaged!

SAMURAI BUYER inspects the products to ensure that they are not damaged and in case they are damaged

Shopping for the right product can be time consuming.

Let us break this misconception with our ability to provide you with easy access to a multitude of products.
Under justifiable circumstances, returns are allowed, but the buyer is responsible for international shipping to return the product to us.

Highlights of our Company – Samurai Buyer

The cheapest in the industry.

Service fee is as cheap as 500yen~. Easy to understand for the first time users

Japanese products then became that much easier to obtain and purchase from the comfort of your sofa or desk.

Our staff will do our absolute best to make this experience as enjoyable and pain free as possible.
Don’t worry about any communication challenges in the language of Japanese, that’s why we’re here!

Please feel free to inquiry us at the right corner.Please email us if no one is online.

Our Staff await your phone call!

Go ahead, call us right now!

Please feel free to inquiry us at the right corner.Please email us if no one is online.

We have a team prepared to inform you of the newest and most popular products in the Japanese market.

We provide you with the information that you need to make the right decisions and purchases.

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