The following questions are the most common inquiries for SAMURAI BUYER

SAMURAI BUYER uses a transfer system to purchase products from Third Party Vendors and then assists that vendor to transfer their merchandise to your doorstep. Here is a list of common questions with their corresponding answers.
Please look through this list to see if we have already answered your question before contacting customer service.

About our Membership

Is membership registration necessary to use this service?

Yes、it is compulsory to register for using our service.
You can check shipping updates and use convenient functions

Can I change my postal address if I move residence?

Go to my page and change your information.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, please see the “Forgot Your Password” button which will become visible to you after logging into our website. This information will all become readily available to you on your “my page”.

I want to cancel my membership.

Please visit your “my page”.

How can my privacy be protected?

SAMURAI BUYER uses the SSL system to manage customer privacy.
For more detailed information please refer to the Privacy Policy

About the Proxy Shopping Service

I want to know more how this process works in general. What should I do?

Please refer to the user guide.

Are there goods that I am legally not allowed to order? How will I know?

For more detailed information the list of prohibited goods

How long will shipping take, after I have finish purchasing the product?

It depends on the country. We will send you an invoice requiring you to pay the international shipping fees when the product arrives at our warehouse.
After that, we will act as promptly as possible to have the product delivered to your destination.

What if the item is sold out, or currently unavailable for us to purchase from a third party vendor?

The appropriate amount of money will be refunded to your credit card or via pay pal if the requested product is out of stock.
If it is a partial refund we can only refund to your via pay pal.
If you don’t have via pay pal please make an account or we can leave the money in your deposit.

Can you inspect the internal contents of merchandise?

We are not currently able to off such a service. If you would like to learn more about what we do offer, please refer to the “User’s Guide”.

I want to make an order over the phone, is this possible?

We do not allow purchases over the phone. This is to prevent problems that may arise from miscommunication.
Contact us here

Can I make an order, which uses a third party vendor from another foreign country?

No, we currently only work in conjunction with Japanese vendors.

My goods stopped at customs, what should I do?

Please contact the customs office with confirmation of your delivery number and purchase order.

Can I order Illegal merchandise?

No, they are absolutely prohibited. If you order something from our website that is against the law in your country, you are fully liable and responsible for that decision.

Can I order in large quantities, for a company or something of the sort?

Yes, our company accepts large transactions. For more information “contact us here”.

Can I return the good?

This will strongly depend upon the policy of the online store from which we ordered your product.
We do not allow you to return by your own convenience such as higher price than you expected.
Please refer to the terms of service.

Can I cancel my order?

It is possible, as long as you contact us before we make an order from the third party vendor.

If the product is fake, can I return it?

We do not take responsibility if product is fake. We buy the products that are requested.

About Packaging Forwarding (Transfer Service)

What shipping method does your company use?

Currently EMS Shipping. Other distributors may be advised in the future.

Can I choose a particular date to receive my package on?

This is not available.

Can I track the shipping?

Yes,you can check from wesite (EMS) below

Do you offer general delivery?

We only offer point to point delivery between major international cities with post office delivery companies. Depending on your location within your country you may require a secondary delivery company.

Are there any Size or Weight limitations when using International Shipping?

Yes, please refer to this link here.

What if the product is delivered to my home when I’m not there?

It is usually required that you sign a document when the package arrives at your home. If for some reason, you were not home and were unable to sign for the product, please request a redelivery. Please be careful. In several countries, if the product is not signed off, even after multiple attempts by the delivery company then the product will be returned back overseas where it came from.

Our Company's Service

What services do you offer here?

We provides an international forwarding service that delivers Japanese goods via Japanese online shop to your residential address overseas.
For a person who is willing to purchase or place a bid by yourself via Japanese online shop and Yahoo Auction.
Please use our Transfer Service.

Business hour

Mon to Fri 10:00 to 19:00 (JST)
Inquiry by email contact us here

Does your customer support phone calls?

Sorry our company does not support by customer phone calls. Please contact us on the link below
contact us here.

Is Insurance available?

For purchases that exceed 20,000 yen, yes, it is available.

About Cost and Payment Methods

How much does this service cost?

Proxy Shopping and Auction Service

  • If the Item Price is under 5000 yen, Service Fee: 500 yen.
  • If the Item Price is over 5000 yen, Service Fee: 9% of the Item Price.

Transfer Service

  • Service Fee: 500 yen

The cost of the merchandise, Japanese Shipping Fees, and International Shipping Fees will be required.
In case we may charge you insurance fee or other option.
You are responsible for paying the tariff.


You will be required to pay a tariff, view the link below for more information.

Whats sort of payment can I use?

We accept Credit Card (VISA or Master Card), PayPal and Alipay

Can you issue an invoice?

Yes, our company will provide an invoice for each purchase via Pay Pal upon request. This will be an electronically generated invoice that you can down load or print.

Chat receptionist Japan time 10:00 to 19:00 becoming (excluding weekends and holidays). Please contact us by e-mail for current Japan time