What is an Auction Service?

Yahoo Japan Auction is the biggest auctioning site in Japan!

Yahoo Japan Auction is the biggest auctioning site where you can find both new and second hand limited edition products on Auction

Most of the sellers on Yahoo Auction do not ship internationally and that makes it harder for foreign customers to get the products.
Therefore, SAMURAI BUYER buys and ships the product to your country.

How it works

Step1.After choosing the product you want

Please click 「Order Auction Service」

Step2.Order Auction service on form

Please proceed with the process.

If the Item Price is under 5000 yen, Service Fee: 500 yen
If the Item Price is over 5000 yen, Service Fee:9% of the Item Price

※In case the closing time has reached we do not accept your bid.
※we can not handle the products above these measurements.
Weight:Under 30kg
Length Conditions: Under 1.5m in length.
Total Dimensions: Length + girth must be under 3.0m

Please refer to our shipment page on User Guide for more detailed

Step3.About the Payments

After you have won your product successfully, you will need to make a payment for the price of product and service fee. In case, you do not win the auction, you do not need to pay for that.

Therefore, the payments will be twice.


Price of the product+Service fee.
The product will be shipped to SAMURAI BUYER’s warehouse.


We invoice the shipping fee within Japan (if required) +international shipping fee and also settlement fee(if required) after we do inspection and measuring the weight of the product.

※Import duty charges may be added to your purchase (for additional information concerning this subject, please contact our customer service).

Step4 International shipping

Once the payment has been cleared and accepted, we will start the process of shipping the product to your address as promptly as possible.

Below is a link to track your goods.

Track your goods

We will send the tracking number to you via email.
※If you are required to pay a tariff fee on your purchase, you would do so at the following website.

Step5 Arrival of your package.

Chat receptionist Japan time 10:00 to 19:00 becoming (excluding weekends and holidays). Please contact us by e-mail for current Japan time